The Bookstore is the main project of the Friends of the Dana Point Library. It is run by volunteers under the management of the Bookstore Manager and the Bookstore Committee. Two Shift managers share the day's work with a number of other volunteers.

The Bookstore is located at the Dana Point Library at 33841 Niguel Road, Dana Point CA 92629 and is open from 11.00 AM through 4.00 PM from Monday through Saturday

The books and other material sold are all donated from the community. Receiving bins located to the side of the Bookstore are open 24 hours a day.  All donated material is welcome and sorted by the volunteer staff using the following criteria:

Books must be clean, not mouldy or water-damaged. Children's books are more carefully looked at for cleanliness and condition. There are instances where classic literature is taken in with a more liberal consideration of its condition because of its value .

Science, medical and technical books should be relevant to that subject - usefulness is usually determined as publication within the last five years. At times older technical books are kept if we know of a customer who collects them.

Subject matter unfit for children or distasteful to the general public are discarded.

Current and older magazines are accepted because they sell well. Dictionaries thesauri are accepted if they are within the last 5 years.  

Oversize art and travel books are also accepted.